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Why work with us?

Mobilesquared is the global #1 trusted provider for messaging market research. We deliver bespoke whitepapers on a topic of your choice, with insights, forecasts and analysis of key market opportunities tailored to support your business objectives. Our reports are engagingly-written, and backed by our market-leading data and deep understanding of the messaging ecosystem. View a few examples of our customer reports below, and get in touch to discuss how we can help in more detail.

Topics covered

A2P SMS, RCS, CPaaS, WhatsApp Business, Viber, Apple Messages for Business (AMB) and Facebook Messenger.

Whitepaper deliverables

  1. Fully designed PDF report
  2. Custom data file including all data featured in the report
  3. Workshop session to align your teams around the key research themes
  4. Co-promotion of your whitepaper to our database


What Our whitepapers deliver

  • Original lead generation and customer engagement content
  • Independent thought-leadership platform
  • Comprehensive overview of your market opportunities
  • Hard-working content with a 12-18 month shelf-life
How can we help?How can we help?

Customer Whitepaper Examples

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