(Published April 2024)

This subscription includes;

  • Unlimited online access to 3 million country-level searchable datapoints covering 200 global markets
  • Actual data 2018-2023 and forecast data 2024-2027
  • An  80-page interactive, global market insight report (PDF & online)
  • Annual data updates
  • Exclusive analyst briefings
  • Behind-closed-door webinars

With nearly 3 billion users, WhatsApp is the largest rich messaging platform in the world, making it the ideal channel for enterprises and brands to engage with customers. In 2023 enterprise and brand adoption of WhatsApp Business started growing, and this will only accelerate from 2024 onwards.

This report provides detailed insight, analysis and forecasts on WhatsApp Business API (serving medium and large brands only). Plus traffic data for WhatsApp Business App, which is the free service only available to small and micro businesses.

A 12-month subscription to our WhatsApp Business API intelligence costs £4,990.