(Published April 2024)

With nearly 3 billion users, WhatsApp is the largest rich messaging platform in the world, making it the ideal channel for enterprises and brands to engage with customers. In 2023 enterprise and brand adoption of WhatsApp Business started growing, and this will only accelerate from 2024 onwards.

This subscription provides detailed insight, analysis and forecasts on WhatsApp Business API (serving medium and large brands only), from the #1 global business messaging analyst company. Plus traffic data for WhatsApp Business App, the free service only available to small and micro businesses.

A 12-month subscription costs £4,990 and includes:

  • Executive summary
  • 70-page interactive analyst report
  • 3+ million country-level data points across 200 markets
  • Subscriber-only analyst briefings
  • Annual data updates

This subscription delivers access to over 3 million searchable and downloadable datapoints, across 3 core datasets (each covering 200 countries);

  1. WhatsApp Business API traffic & spend
  2. WhatsApp Business App traffic only
  3. WhatsApp Business total traffic (API & App)

WhatsApp Business API traffic & spend is split out by:

  • Category – conversational service (customer care) & conversational commerce
  • Traffic type – A2P / P2A / conversations
  • Use case – authentication, marketing, services & utility
  • Use case split out by sector
  • AI insights on WhatsApp Business data

See Table of Contents for a full breakdown of data included

Total traffic, split out by:

  • Use case (authentication / marketing / service / utility),
  • Use case data further split out by sector
  • Conversational service (customer care) & conversational commerce
  • A2P / P2A / conversations
  • All enterprise and brand spend split out by traffic type as outlined above.

In addition, the report and data covers:

  • WhatsApp Business consumers – the WhatsApp users that have opted-in to engagement with enterprise & brands
  • The number of businesses using WhatsApp Business API
  • Pricing war between WhatsApp Business and A2P SMS
  • Impact on A2P SMS traffic and spend
  • Migration of A2P SMS traffic to WhatsApp Business
  • WhatsApp Business API’s role in the Messageverse
  • WhatsApp Business API’s impact on CPaaS
  • WhatsApp Business App* traffic – based on traffic splits applied to WhatsApp Business API.
  • WhatsApp total traffic (API traffic + App traffic)

* The dataset also contains all traffic data for WhatsApp Business App, which is the free service only available to small and micro businesses


  • Definitions & descriptions
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • WhatsApp use cases
  • Why 2024 for WhatsApp Business
  • How turbulence in SMS market is driving WhatsApp adoption
  • A brief look at our methodology

Section 1: Market overview

  • WhatsApp users
  • WhatsApp Business consumers (aka WhatsApp opted-in users)
  • Businesses using WhatsApp Business API
  • Total traffic overview
  • Total spend overview
  • Total traffic by type, overview
  • Total traffic by use case, overview

Section 2: Market analysis 25

  • Traffic analysis 26
  • WhatsApp Business API’s impact on A2P SMS
  • Change in consumer behaviour
  • WhatsApp in the Messageverse
  • Pricing analysis
  • WAB API vs A2P SMS pricing
  • WAB API average rate vs domestic SMS rate
  • WAB API average rate vs international SMS rate
  • WAB API authentication rate vs domestic rate
  • WAB API authentication rate vs international rate
  • Undervaluing engagement
  • A passive pricing model
  • WhatsApp Business API spend analysis

Section 3: Market forecast traffic

  • Total traffic
  • Total conversational services traffic
  • Total conversational commerce traffic
  • Total marketing traffic
  • Total utility traffic
  • Total authentication traffic
  • Total A2P traffic
  • Total P2A traffic
  • Total conversational traffic

Section 4: Market forecasts spend

  • Total spend
  • Total conversational services spend
  • Total conversational commerce spend
  • Total marketing spend
  • Total utility spend
  • Total authentication spend
  • Total A2P spend
  • Total P2A spend
  • Total conversational spend

Section 5: WhatsApp Business API by region

  • Global traffic
  • Global spend
  • Africa traffic
  • Africa spend
  • Asia traffic
  • Latin America traffic
  • Latin America spend
  • Middle East traffic
  • Middle East spend
  • North America traffic
  • North America spend
  • East Europe traffic
  • East Europe spend
  • West Europe traffic
  • West Europe spend


Mobilesquared will extend WhatsApp Business forecasts to 2028 (published 2H 2024).

Additional sections to be added to the report throughout 2024:

  • WhatsApp Business App traffic analysis
  • WhatsApp Business total traffic (API & App) analysis
  • Engagement analysis
WhatsApp Business Messaging report - monetising the world's biggest rich messaging platform with the WhatsApp Business API, 2018 to 2027.
A WhatsApp Business 2018 to 2027 diagram comparing CPaaS providers who still trust SMS compared to those who are backing WhatsApp.
A Whatsapp Business 2018 to 2027 report showing total Whatsapp Business traffic by type with an analysis of the traffic.