SMS remains one of the most popular messaging channels for individuals and businesses alike, providing a quick and efficient way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Our latest data at Mobilesquared suggests that ‘55% of all SMSes are read, [while] 100% of SMSes are viewed’ when our data previously found that 98% of SMS messages were read.

This drop largely comes down to the fact that as smartphones have developed over the years, home screens have become overloaded with messages from a range of platforms, including WhatsApp, SMS, and in-app notifications to name just a few.

A guide to the SMS market

The average smartphone user now uses 2 to 3 apps to send messages daily.

That said, as a messaging channel, SMS continues to reign superior, accounting for a remarkable 96% of total business messaging spend in 2022, with 10% more businesses spending on SMS following the disruption that 2020 presented.

As such, in spite of the drop in the number of SMS messages read, and with an increasing number of people using smartphones (6.92 billion or 86.29% of the world’s population), the SMS market is showing no signs of slowing down, highlighting the value in purchasing SMS data.

Where Can You Access SMS Data?

At Mobilesquared, our SMS forecasts are recognised as the most accurate in the industry.

If you’re interested in purchasing SMS data, we offer a few options on our website for you to gain valuable insights depending on your needs as a business.

Our SMS intelligence can be purchased as:

Market Report + Dataset subscription £6,450 (12-month subscription)

Market Report only subscription £2,500 (12-month subscription)

SMS Market Size

As we’ve already mentioned, the A2P SMS Messaging market size is estimated to grow to 89.2 billion by 2030. But what does this actually mean in terms of scale?

A guide to the SMS market

SMS audiences are expanding, not just in age but also in location.

To gain a wider understanding of the scale of the SMS market, it needs to be broken down into categories, which our A2P SMS subscription does effectively for businesses.

A few of the areas we cover in our A2P SMS intelligence include, but are not limited to:

  1. 200 markets
  2. Messaging user breakdown
  3. Market verticals

1. 200 Markets

Our datasets include individual market data for the top 200 markets from all across the globe, providing businesses with SMS channel-specific insights.

The top five markets by spend (as of 2022) include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil

2. Messaging User Breakdown

For each of the 200 individual markets we cover, our SMS user data is split by:

  • Total unique mobile users (UMUs) – Representing ‘one installation of a mobile application’.
  • Total mobile subscriptions – Defined as an individual person that accounts for multiple mobile connections.
  • Opt-in users by market vertical.
  • Total users split out by device type: Smartphone by OS/Non-smartphone.

3. Market Verticals

Our A2P SMS intelligence covers a range of different market verticals.

The niches we cover include:

Automotive, Broadcasters, Charity, Education, Enterprise Software, Finance, Gambling, Healthcare, Internet Streaming, Leisure & Entertainment, Public Services, Restaurants & Fast-Food, Retail & eCommerce, Social Media & Chat, Telecoms, Transport & Logistics, Travel & Tourism, Utilities, and Other*.

SMS market

SMS data can be used to inform and tailor your marketing.

*At Mobilesquared, we purposefully split our A2P SMS messaging data out by 18 sectors + “Other”. This not only allows us to cover all the main market verticals in every market but also enables us to accommodate national and regional variations.

To learn more about our SMS intelligence, be sure to visit our website today.

We hope that this article has provided you with a wider understanding of the SMS market and how you can purchase valuable SMS data and intelligence.

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Written by Jemima, for Mobilesquared.