OUR DATA UNIVERSE: The Messageverse™

We created the Messageverse™ to offer our customers a better way to search and filter our data universe of 70 million data points covering the global messaging market, it’s our online data platform, accessible on-demand, any time.


Customise your search by channel, market, customer, traffic, revenue and spend, channels covered include SMS, RCS, CPaaS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber. Get a full market overview, or zoom in for a micro view, your choice. You can access the Messageverse™ two ways; subscribe for unlimited data and analyst report access for 12 months, or pay-as-you go for a data snapshot of a single country.

200 markets | 640 mobile operators | 14 channels | 19 verticals | 4 use cases | 3 payment mechanics

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Our A2P SMS channel data contains 12+ million data points, covering 200 countries / 640 operators / 19 verticals / 4 use cases. Includes (by country); Domestic & international traffic/users/spend split by white/grey/blue/orange/red route, total harmful/harmless traffic, opt in users by vertical, traffic lost to WhatsApp by region/value, users/traffic/spend by mobile operator and aggregator, total lost/potential traffic & spend, and much more
Our RCS channel data contains 4.5 million data points, covering 200 countries / 640 operators / 19 verticals / 4 use cases. Includes (by country); A2P event/session, P2A event.session, RBM A2P event traffic/session traffic by smartphone OS, underlying A2P SMS traffic by smartphone OS, total Uplift in RBM traffic, Total RBM traffic/messages per user by smartphone OS. Total RBM A2P event/session spend by MNO, aggregator/session spend by OS and much more
Our WhatsApp channel data contains 2.5 million data points, covering 200 countries / 640 operators / 19 verticals / 4 use cases. Includes (by country); WhatsApp users by region & country / as % of total smartphones by region & country, WhatsApp Business App users, WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business engagement by users/ A2P broadcast messages / P2A chat messages / P2A chats / total messages, WAB API engagement by A2P broadcast messages / by users & brand. WhatsAppAPI spend by value chain / per user by value chain / per brand by value chain and much more
Our Messageverse includes individual country data for 200 countries globally, see “Markets We Cover” page for a full llist. Top 30 markets by spend in 2022 are; Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
Our Messageverse includes data covering these 19 verticals; Automotive / Broadcasters / Charity / Education / Enterprise software / Finance / Gambling / Healthcare / Internet streaming / Leisure & entertainment / Public services / Restaurants & fast-food / Retail & eCommerce / Social media & chat / Telecoms / Transport & logistics / Travel & tourism / Utilities / Other
Our Messageverse includes data covering these 4 use cases; Alerts / Marketing & Promotions / Reminders / Security (including One-Time Passwords (OTP))
Messaging user breakdown; For each of the 200 markets we cover, our SMS user data is split by total unique mobile users (UMUs) / total mobile subscriptions / opt-in users by market vertical / total users split out by device type: smartphone by OS/non-smartphone.
Types of traffic: to reflect the changing market dynamics, Mobilesquared has updated how it breaks out traffic (no longer just white & grey), as we have now identified 6 traffic types White route traffic – legitimate / Light blue route traffic – artifically inflated traffic (undelivered, phantom traffic, no consumer impact) / Dark blue route traffic – artifically inflated traffic (delivered, consumer impacted) / Grey route traffic – harmless (no threat to consumer) / Orange route traffic – SIM Farm traffic (harmful aftershocks, potential threat to consumers) / Red route traffic – harmful (Threat to consumer)
Companies researched: Our data is viewed as the best & most robust messaging data available in the marketplace because we are constantly speaking to the messaging ecosystem and play a very active role within the industry, and at major messaging events. In 2023, we received data and insight from 290 companies to help shape our forecasts, including: 160 mobile operators, 130 aggregators, CSPs, vendors, hub providers, interconnect providers, regulators, firewall providers, and independent consultants.

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