London, UK—[May 8, 2024]—Mobilesquared and Global Telco Consult (GTC) have announced a strategic partnership to deliver unparalleled messaging intelligence and consultancy services to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), platform providers, and enterprises.

The collaboration between Mobilesquared and GTC is not just a merger of capabilities but a union of shared values and mutual respect. Both companies are trusted and neutral entities with extensive credibility across the messaging ecosystem. They are fully independent and act in the best interests of their customers. They offer deep insights into the future of messaging and strategic options for scaling and growth.

By combining Mobilesquared’s market-leading business messaging intelligence with GTC’s messaging consultancy expertise, customers can now access a comprehensive suite of services that enable them to understand the market landscape and implement strategic plans much more effectively.

Nick Lane, Founder, and Chief Messaging Officer at Mobilesquared, commented on the partnership: “Mobilesquared is the market leader in business messaging intelligence, and the expertise and knowledge of leading messaging consultancy Global Telco Consult make this a formidable partnership with the ambition of accelerating the messaging industry to unprecedented heights. The two companies have been delivering data analysis and consultancy projects to messaging clients for a number of years, so to formalize this partnership represents a very exciting future together.”

James Lasbrey, GTC’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), added, “GTC and Mobilesquared have very similar goals, and therefore, the partnership was a simple decision made to make our customers’ lives easier. Nick and the Mobilesquared team are good friends of GTC, and the teams work as one today with several of our largest customers.”

The partnership between Mobilesquared and GTC underscores their commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the messaging industry. With a proven track record of success and a shared vision for the future, both companies deliver exceptional value to their clients in the telco space and beyond.

Inquiries and other questions about our services and products: 

Nick Lane

Chief Messaging Officer, Messagologist, & Founder, Mobilesquared

+44 (0) 7976 057052 | +44 1182 149 777

James Lasbrey

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Global Telco Consult (GTC)

+44 7540 218719

About Mobilesquared

Mobilesquared is a global leader in business messaging intelligence. We provide unrivalled data and forecasts on the mobile messaging marketplace, making us a trusted resource for businesses worldwide. Whether SMS, RCS, or OTT messaging, Mobilesquared delivers actionable insights to help companies optimize their messaging strategies and effectively engage with customers.

About GTC

Global Telco Consult GmbH (GTC) is a premier telecommunications consultancy offering expert services in Messaging, Identity, IoT, Recruitment, and M&A. We serve enterprises, carriers, and service providers, guiding them from SMS to advanced IP messaging and implementing state-of-the-art identity and fraud detection solutions. With tailored support in merger and acquisition strategies, GTC ensures clients capitalize on new technologies while remaining neutral, independent, and impartial.