The number of businesses using SMS to communicate with customers (A2P) has increased 9.78% by
the end of 2022 compared to the previous year. This means that there were still less than 25 million
of registered businesses using A2P SMS at the start of 2023.

This accounts for 8% of total registered businesses around the world and confirms that the potential
organic growth of A2P SMS remains as big as ever.

The average business spent $60,706 in 2022, which is up on the previous year’s average spend of
$54,069. However, these figures are significantly skewed by large company spend compared to
micro (not surprisingly). For example:

  • The average micro company spent $70.32 in 2022
  • The average small company spent $140.64 in 2022
  • The average medium company spent $31,647 in 2022
  • The average large company spent $210,966 in 2022

Just 5.3% of large businesses use SMS, yet they accounted for 55.1% of total A2P SMS spend in 2022.
Similarly, 7.5% of medium businesses globally use SMS, but made up 37.8% of total spend last year.
If the A2P SMS industry could encourage an additional 1% of total large businesses to start using the
channel, this would generate an additional spend of $3.1 billion, in contrast to a 1% increase in micro
companies, that would generate an additional $191.4 million.

Posted by Nick Lane, please contact Nick at with any questions about this data