Author: Gavin Patterson, Chief Data Analyst, Mobilesquared

Mobilesquared has published (what we believe to be) the first comprehensive Viber Business Messaging market data and forecasts 2020 to 2026, available anywhere.

Our Viber for Business rich messaging data was researched as part of our overall investigation into the global CPaaS market and, specifically, the Messageverse (see here for our definition of the Messageverse).

By the end of 2021 Viber claimed over 1.3 billion unique IDs, a count of the number times the app has been downloaded, with Monthly Actual Users (MAUs) closer to 290 million.

The majority of MAUs and business messaging can be found in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and parts of Southeast Asia.

A total of approximately 7.5 billion messages were delivered by brands and businesses over Viber in 2021, an increase of 20% over 2020, with spend on messaging amounting to US$196.4 million, an increase of more than 23% on the previous year.

However, 2022 will see a significant reduction in both the volume and value of Viber for Business messaging traffic as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – one of Viber’s largest markets.

Viber’s parent company, Rakuten, itself reported a ¥1.4 billion (US$10.23 million) reduction in Q2-2022 profit for Viber reflecting the war in Ukraine. However, that reduction incorporates all Viber business activity – including advertising and sale of stickers, as well as traditional business messaging.

Full details of Mobilesquared’s Viber for Business messaging data and forecasts can be found here.

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